The KAS residential programme strives to create a safe and healthy environment that inspires students to:

  • strive for excellence, both in their intellectual and character development
  • actively participate in an inclusive and diverse community
  • go beyond their best by integrating into their daily lives the four pillars

The Residential Programme is an essential part of our student’s learning and we lay immense emphasis on how our students integrate the pillars into their home life and school life, so that we find a way to lessen the dichotomies that play such a large part of our societies, as a whole.

Students are provided with schedules, routines and guidelines that enable them to learn and grow in a supportive environment.

The Dorm Parents provide the children with a home-life. Children learn to keep their living environment clean, are taught to do their own laundry, and to do dorm duties for their community. Students are asked to dress modestly and be an example of cleanliness. Tuck money is controlled, with the goal to teach a large number of children to live together, as the members of one family in which there is a balanced financial variance. Parents visiting during the school year always have the opportunity to meet with teachers and other staff to discuss the welfare of their child.

The residential facility at KAS consists of self-contained rooms with a maximum occupancy of three to a room with attached washrooms. Each area has a common room and laundry facilities for the use of the residents.

The campus is well secured with trained 24/7 security and CCTV. Clinical staff are in residence.