At the Kohinoor American School, we believe all can children can learn. Although the school has reading and writing tests as part of its admissions process, they are not used for eligibility purposes but rather for establishing a learning benchmark.

Currently, KAS offers Hindi and Spanish. Based on the needs of its students, the school may opt to offer additional Modern Languages.

As part of the International Baccalaureate Middle School Programme (IBMYP) and the Diploma Programme (IBDP), homework is an integral part of the learning process. It allows the teacher to assess the mastery of concepts learned in class and assist the child to apply the principles into practice. As part of the homework policy at KAS, students maybe assigned practice, projects, journals and investigative reports.

Students can avail themselves to tutoring from their teachers on a weekly basis and have a designated time for supervised study each day. However, should it be determined that a child needs extra help, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is created to assist the child in being successful in their studies. Extra tutoring would be part of that programme.

The maximum class size at KAS is 25 students. The school strives to maintain a teacher student ratio of 1:9.

The dining hall facility strives to cater to all dietary needs. The school serves vegetarian and non-veg foods from different parts of the world, however, should your child have specific needs please feel to contact us.

At KAS we believe that all students can learn and succeed. Should your child need a special programme or assistance to succeed, pleas feel to contact us and we would be glad to consult on the way forward.