The Counselling and Guidance Department provides services tailored to meet the special needs of each individual. The counselling office continually assess student progress and, as needs change; student programmes are adapted to provide the most appropriate assistance. The counselling office is proactive and student-centered. It works toward developing a shared responsibility with parents and students, to promote a stronger partnership between the home and the school. At KAS, Counsellors are trained to help students with educational planning, career decisions, understanding assessment marks, and personal concerns.

Students develop attitudes, knowledge and skills that contribute to life-long learning. They complete school with the academic preparation essential for their chosen tertiary education plans. At KAS, the students understand the relationship between their academic studies and the world outside the school. Students acquire the skills to investigate the world of work, in relation to knowledge of self and to make informed career decisions. They learn to employ strategies to achieve future career success and satisfaction. Finally, they understand the relationship between personal qualities, education and training and the world of work.

At KAS, we providecrisis intervention, evaluation and short-term counselling sessions as needed. The School Counsellor provides advice and counselling to students who find themselves in difficult personal situations.

At KAS, we not only aim to prepare students academically but also provide guidance towards successful college selection. A specialized guidance and counselling programme leads students to the University/College of their choice. The students are guided through a multitude of options to achieve their preparation and application goals. They are helped with university processes of choosing and applying to colleges.

The College Counsellorconducts group seminars, information sessions, personalised counselling and encourages students to understand courses, career options, to learn about colleges and universities on various parameters, invites representatives from colleges and universities and informs students about standardized tests.

KAS Alumni is very active and they support and interact with students providing them with information on colleges, application process, test-scores, scholarships and the studentsget to learn fromfirst-handexperience.

At KAS, the ESL programme is designed to benefit those learning English and who speak English as a second language. Our trained ESL specialists co-teach content classes providing linguistic support and strategies to facilitate the development of more autonomous language learners. Through the push-in model, ESL teachers collaborate with the content teachers to create an inclusive environment that provides students with the academic English they can carry with them through their educational careers.