International School


Each child is potentially the light of the world. Our mission is to let them discover their innate talents, in their own unique manner and leverage it to contribute to the welfare of mankind.


At KAS, we aim to personalize the educational experience of all our students; we will equip all our students with the relevant KNOWLEDGE,appropriate SKILLS,and a commitment to WELLNESS in order to inspire and prepare them to innovate humane solutions to global issues. Through SERVICE we shall make contributions to WORLD PEACE in pursuit of a Better World.


Each of our students are unique, and therefore they will :

  • Receive a personalized and holistic education.
  • Pursue an education free from failure.
  • Not stop with Good, but will journey from Good to Great.
  • Become Champions of their craft through the Mastery of relevant skills.

We are the World, therefore we know that :

  • A positive outlook and a growth mindset, inspires ethical solutions to issues.
  • Mutual respect and trust is essential in the global community.
  • Service for humanity is the core for addressing global issues.
  • The environment is our responsibility to protect.