Blog By Aaliaa Sharma (House Vice Captain, MUN Team) Grade 9

They say that there is nothing we can do
They say that death is inevitable.
But then there children on this planet
Not finding this world habitable

Families losing loved ones
Due to the words of others
Youths jumping of a bridge
Because they became mothers

Why I ask you?

They say that children are the future
That they will bring out the best
Then why does our fear make them
Put a gun to their chest

Stop I say

With all the false lies well
Which made them think
Oblivion is their wishing well

The millisecond before they jump on the tracks
Their last train of thought
Were apologies for what you saw they lacked

We need to change from hate to help
Instead of anger turn to love
And try to listen for their cry of help

Even the softest whisper
Or the loudest cry
Console them and say
“Everything gonna be alright”