Blog By Nicole Donnelly (Events and Activities Coordinator- Kohinoor American School)

We talk about progress; building bridges and conquering the unknown. We talk of a society that has evolved over the years and is marching forward towards greatness. But, as a modern civilized society - among the many things we do right, we still seem to be struggling with a few.

Our ‘Educational Systems’have become just another burden on the shoulders of our little children. Class tests, home assignments, summative assessments, grades etc. Have you ever asked a child what they enjoyed most at school? You wouldn’t be surprised at their answers, because those are the very things you enjoyed when you were young.

We say that we are empowering our future generations to take over our world and make it a better place. But with the given system of education we are training our students to get better grades, better jobs and a better life. When our children graduate, we have made them selfish beings, who only think of themselves. This attitude will surely not make the world a better place.

I came across a quote by the Dalia Lama a few years ago. “When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.”This quote is so simple, yet it is the essence of a good educational system; education isn’t only about imparting knowledge.

If we as a society teach our children to value others, to reach out to the community in every way possible and to love the other; we will create citizens of tomorrow who are genuinely concerned about the world. Citizens who place others before themselves and create global solutions to our every increasing issues.

As teachers, educators, facilitators and parents we may not be able to change the system but we can surely change the little minds that we meet every day and teach them to love, respect and serve others.

Teach your children well, for the future is in their hands.