Blog By Aaliaa Sharma (House Vice Captain, MUN Team) Grade 9

Who am I?
Am I the color of my skin?
Am I half Filipino? Half Indian?
Who are you to say?
I believe I’m human.

You might judge me for my accent
My looks, the way I walk
You may criticize me for my color.
Now hey. It’s my turn to talk.

Did you know slavery still happens?
Even when its 2017
Where blacks are kept away
Because they seem unclean.

Have you ever heard?
The cries of little girls
Trying to scrub off their color
And straighten their curls.

While the whole world watches
Pressing likes, and re tweets
But those likes won’t matter
When colored still bow down to white feet.

Are you scared of the stereotypes?
That you, yourself have placed
Apparently the whiter the more beautiful
Honey Look. We’re not Barbie’s in a case.

What’s wrong with equality?
Do your peers think its lame?
It’s supposed be to be unity
Not a blame game.

Do you not care at all?
Do you show no mercy?
Cuz, all I see are humans
But no humanity.